18 March 2014

Sew For Victory 2014!


Well it certainly has been a while since my last post! I've been pretty busy again, but more details on that later since it really deserves it's own post. I've since completed a lovely dark teal dress (if you follow me on Instagram then you would have seen it already) and a couple of other crafty side projects. As spring is in full swing here in Seattle (even our cherry trees are blossoming...) I thought it more appropriate to write about sewing something flowery and spring like.

11 February 2014

Coat completion!

I have finally finished my coat project! It has taken me about a month to complete...but it's finally done. As usual, I have been pretty busy with life. Mainly, searching for a job where I can apply my bachelor's degree and planning for my future in graduate research. But that's another story, so let's focus on this super awesome coat; I am beyond thrilled with how it turned out. Sure, like anyone who has creatively constructed anything...I have a couple of issues here and there...but overall (given this is my first coat, ever) I am very, very excited about it!

If you didn't read my past post on the start of this, I'll catch you up by saying this was made using a nylon felt. Close to 2mm thick, it had the wonderful advantage of being extremely forgiving in terms of how straight (or not straight...) the seams were. I also used McCall's 4153 (you can read about the start of this, here) from 1941.

15 January 2014

Building a coat...

That's pretty much how it feels like. I am starting my first coat project and naturally I had to use something heavy like a 70's nylon felt about 2mm thick. I found some denim needles and have been using those...but even so broke one along the way. This will probably be the warmest coat ever and I look forward to wearing it, eventually when construction is complete.

02 January 2014

Happy New year!

Let me start off this post by wishing everyone a happy New Year...here's to hoping all of your dreams come true! This last year was a bit rough for us, but we made it through together and still appreciate all of the difficulties we have endured...as now we appreciate the better times more. It's easy to get bogged down with negative feelings or concerns about seemingly frivolous details...which makes rising above them that much more rewarding (and important). I have a naturally pessimistic viewpoint in almost all cases (opposite of my husband, who is always positive about everything), but one of my goals this year is to overcome that and focus instead on accomplishments (however minor they may be) I make.

22 December 2013

Christmas dress

Christmas at our household is relatively simple. We've sort of combined Czech traditions from my family, with those of my husband's. This means Christmas Eve has more emphasis on celebration, where gifts are opened in the evening after a fancy dinner (I usually make a wild rice stuffed seitan roast, wrapped in puff-pastry and served in a bing cherry/pepper sauce...along with stuffing and garlic-smashed potatoes). Christmas Eve also means we get to finally enjoy all of those cookies I spent hours laboring over a few weeks ago (these Czech sweets are usually made in advance and aged). We prefer to have a more quiet holiday and thus only The Pups, myself, and my better half are present.

16 December 2013

Chocolate jersey and vintage cotton red

This month I've set lofty goals for myself sewingwise. I planned to finish a lined suit, start a winter coat, and make three dresses. This is often the start of my project planning...pile on everything at once and see what happens. I also started my seasonal baking storm...the one in which I bake about 300 tedious Czech sweets. Not to mention I've also volunteered to provide cookies at a vegan bake sale. Somewhere in there I'm submitting my last round of graduate school applications. Whew! This has been a productive month.

I thought I would share two dresses I have now completed. The first, a vintage cotton dress in the most lovely shade of red. The cut itself is also very flattering, as late 30's dresses often are. The second is a light jersey knit fabric and so wearable. I've worn it more this month than any other dress. 

Let's start with the cotton dress. Seriously no problems whatsoever. It was a dream to work with and I also added some extra embellishments for fun. I used McCall's 3360 I won by chance off ebay a few years back. I've worked with this pattern before and plan to use it again sometime, it's pretty versatile.

05 December 2013

1930's suit and first jersey knit

I've been a bit absent again, sorry about that. Last month was intense, to say in the least. I kept running back between studying for the GRE and completing applications for grad school. Now, that's almost behind me and I can concentrate on the fun things. Sewing and preparing my army of Czech vegan Christmas cookies.

So far, my suit is going well. I am using this pattern, simplicity 3144: